Classic Chevrolet Corvette 1953 Roadster

There have been six generations of the Corvette so far. The generations can be referred to as versions C1 through C6, but the first generation is more commonly referred to as a solid-axle, based on the fact that independent rear suspension (IRS) was not available until 1963. The first generation started in 1953 and ended in 1962.  Chevrolet Corvette 1953The original Corvette emblem incorporated an American flag into the design of 1953 Corvette; this was later dropped, since associating the flag with a product was frowned upon. Chevrolet Corvette 1953New York's Waldorf Astoria hotel was the host of the 1953 Motorama. This edition is best remembered for the introduction of a motoring legend; the Corvette. The Corvette definitely wasn't an immediate hit and after three years of production it was almost canceled altogether.
 Chevrolet Corvette 1953The Corvette C1 roadster was General Motor's answer to the ever growing demand of European roadsters in the US. When designing the Corvette, Chevrolet's engineers focused on saving weight to allow the Corvette to compete with these small roadsters. A lot of weight was saved by constructing the entire body of fiberglass.
 Chevrolet Corvette 1953The Corvette was propelled by a 150 bhp straight six engine, which was mated to a Powerglide 3-speed auto 'box. A 'hotter' cam was fitted halfway through 1954, which was good for another 5 bhp. In 1955, the first series' final year, a 195 bhp V8 and a 3-speed manual were added to the line-up.
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1953 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster
Classic Corvette 1953
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