a.d. Tramontana

a.d.Tramontana showed their original concept car at the Geneva Motor Show in 2005 as well as at the Top Marques Monaco fair. Due to its great initial success among industry specialists, this year the company will launch the final production model at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show.

a.d.Tramontana is a Catalan company that represents a new generation of entrepreneurial engineers. The company is situated on the beautiful Costa Brava of North-eastern Spain, a place that has been a great spring of great inspiration. They say their latest supercar is an heir to Spain’s automotive legacy, which included the Pegaso and Hispano Suiza.

The car is custom-designed and built according to the personal requirements of every customer. This is done 1st by conducting an ergonomical study of the measurements of the driver, then by using the materials of his or her choice and, finally, by differentiating each unit with an engraving of a poetic verse in the chassis of the car. These characteristics assure that each Tramontana is a unequalled creation of art modelled on the specific desires of the customer.

Not only is the Tramontana attractive, it is also an extremely powerful vehicle, including a central V12 bi-turbo engine and over 500 horsepower.

The Tramontana also adheres to high standards of safety. It includes a body of carbon fibre and a chassis that has been specially developed for this particular model and introduces a new structural system that combines an indeformable central zone with eight other zones of shock absorption. The body is made of carbon fibre.

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