2008 Ferrari Concept Design by Luca Serafini

Ferrari seams to be a source of inspiration for a great number of up-and-coming young designers with the likes of Emre Husmen, Idries Omar and now Luca Serafini all using the Italian styles as inspiration for some of their great works. The latest design, dubbed the 2008 Ferrari Concept, is based on the F430 supercar and shows a possible design direction for the next-gen model.

Drawing on inspiration from both past and present Ferrari models, Serafini wanted something that could stand on its own but would always be privileged as a Ferrari. Serafini next plan is to make a one-quarter scale model of the car and hopefully present it at design competitions in Italy’s automotive design hub, Turin.

One of Serafini’s most popular works includes the Lamborghini Embolado concept, a compact supercar loosely based on the Gallardo with a unequalled cab forward design and plenty of aggression.
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