Chevrolet Corvette Competition LE Aim at Europe

General Motors made an official announcement that, this spring, Europe will get the Chevrolet Corvette Competition Limited Edition.
Chevrolet Corvette CompetitionThe limited run Corvette Competition, based on the C6 Coupe, will be powered by the 6.2 liter V8 engine and will feature air scoops with honeycomb pattern in the front grill, double twin exhaust pipes at the rear and the Z06 rear spoiler and 5 spoke alloy wheels in Competition Grey Color.
Chevrolet Corvette CompetitionThe car will be available in black paint finish and, for the purpose of keeping the car as lightweight as possible, the number of available option are limited.
Chevrolet Corvette CompetitionChevrolet has already started taking orders for the Corvette Competition LE and the first cars expected to be delivered in April.
Chevrolet Corvette CompetitionMore Chevrolet Corvette Competition photos here.
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